10 Skin Care Tips Before Sleep


Skin is one of the valuable assets of our body. So after working all day, it’s good if you clean the skin before bed. Check out skin care tips before bed more as quoted from the Mag for Women following:

Cleans the pores

The main purpose of treating the skin before bedtime is to clean the pores so as not to be clogged by dust and dirt that cause acne.

Good moisturizer

Choose a cleanser and moisturizer that matches the skin type before bed to keep your skin natural.

Once a week

Once a week, you also need to do scrubbing or exfoliating. It was done to clean the dead skin cells.

Eat oranges

At dinner, enjoy citrus fruits or salads to hydrate the skin. In addition to oranges, a good source of water can be obtained from watermelon, melon, and grapefruit.

Drink water

Of course, you also need to drink water before bed. Not only keeps skin hydrated, drinking water is also capable of digestion.

Night cream

Many people have dry, sensitive skin. If you do too, apply night cream on the elbows, knees, and dry heels.


In addition to night cream, you can also use lotions for the hands and body. Wrap your feet with socks to keep skin soft when waking up.

A loose nightgown

Do not wear clothes that are too tight when sleeping. Use a loose nightgown to let the skin breathe a sigh of relief.

Sleeping on your back

Familiarize yourself to sleep on your back so that the inner face lines are not pressed with a pillow and injure the skin.

Aroma therapy

Use a soothing fragrance before you sleep. Thus you can relax and sleep will be more soundly.

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