5 Ways to Get More Stylish Look with a Football Jersey

Regarding your favorite AFL soccer club, you don’t have to turn up to the stadium stands or in front of the TV during the match. You can also use your favorite AFL soccer club jersey every day. Well, for those of you who haven’t yet had an AFL jersey, you can buy it at Market Sport. Market Sport is an AFL shop that sells official AFL clothing and AFL merchandise only. For those of you who already have them, here are some tips to keep in mind so that you still look stylish when using your pride AFL club jersey.


1.   It’s best not to wear a jersey in your name

A blank AFL jersey with no back name is the most suitable for everyday wear. But, if you like the one with the back name, make sure that is the name of the master player in the team, not your name. Writing your name on the jersey might make you proud, but on the other hand, it will get people to feel weird at once wonder because you’re too narcissistic.


2.   The jersey does not need to be put into the pants

Now, this is indeed the season for style wear pants fitted to retro style jeans in the 80s. But, this jersey is not suitable to be combined with this style, especially if the pants you wear are jeans or cargo pants. Putting a jersey in your pants will make you look like a soccer player.


3.   Use a T-shirt or jacket

If you wear a short-sleeved jersey, try to cover it first with a plain long-sleeved shirt inside. Double style sleeve shirts will give the impression of street style layering. Make sure your shirt color matches with the jersey’s color. If in doubt, the black, gray or blue can be the best color.


By combining jersey with the outer is also the right choice. Try wearing a hoodie jacket or bomber jacket. You will look cooler!


4. Choose the right accessories

AFL Soccer Club jersey can also be combined with the accessories. Make sure to choose accessories that suit your shirt.

If you want to look relaxed and casual, you can use a hat. The right hat is a kind of snapback hat, trucker hat, and baseball cap.


5. Use the type of pants you wear

Pants are an important fashion item if you wear a jersey. For pants, adjust the type to your jersey size. If you use a jersey that fits your body then you can try straight and slim fit jeans. But if the jersey size is too large, cargo pants or jogger pants are the most suitable.

Good luck!




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