Caring for Dry Skin to Appear Confident

Dry skin certainly interferes with appearance and self-confidence. Well, there are various ways to treat dry skin that you can try. Thus, you can achieve healthy and soft-looking skin.

Dry skin is characterized by a skin surface that is rough, cracked, and easily peeled off. This condition can be caused by various things, such as exposure to sunlight, the habit of taking too long a shower, to the use of skin care products that are not quite right.

Regardless of the cause, there are some tips for treating dry skin that you can try, namely:

1 Avoid bathing with water that is too hot

Warm baths are known to provide various benefits to the body. However, warm water can also remove natural oils that function to moisturize the skin.
Therefore, limit warm baths to about 5-10 minutes. After finishing bathing, dry your body using a soft towel by patting it slowly. Avoid rubbing the towel too hard on the skin, because it can make the skin even drier.

2 Use mild soap

If you experience dry skin, avoid using soap or other skin care products with harsh ingredients, such as perfume and alcohol.
This is because the chemical content in these products can damage and irritate the skin, making it dry easily. Choose a mild soap that is oil based.

3 Use sunscreen and moisturizer

For those of you who have dry skin, regular use of moisturizer is very important to keep the skin moist. Choose a moisturizer that contains ceramides which can relieve dry skin, as well as hyaluronic acid, glycerin and urea which can keep the skin hydrated.
In addition, moisturizers containing lanolin and petroleum jelly can also keep the skin hydrated. Not only moisturizer, you are also advised to apply sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 before doing outdoor activities.

4 Do maintenance at night

Skin care is not only done during the day, but also at night before you sleep. For facial skin care, you can use a make-up remover to remove residual make-up and dirt.
Next, clean your face using a mild soap. You can also use night cream afterwards.
For body skin care, apply moisturizer to the skin shortly after bathing. The length of the night’s sleep also helps provide a longer time for the moisturizer to penetrate the skin better.

5 Protect the skin from cold air

Cold air can reduce skin moisture and make it dry. Therefore, protect your body’s skin from exposure to cold air by using closed clothing and skin moisturizer.
If needed, you can use a humidifier to keep the air moist so it doesn’t aggravate dry skin.

6 Exfoliate

Exfoliation aims to remove dead skin. That way, the moisturizer can penetrate better. Exfoliate only once a week, because exfoliating too often can irritate the skin.

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