Things you may have not thought of while you’re pregnant

Things you may have not thought of while you’re pregnant

Pregnancy is something beautiful. However, it can also be a turbulent time. There is so much changing. Not just your body, but also your whole life from now on. It can be stressful sometimes and because of this, it is understable that you do not think about everything. No worries, we will help you out!

The gender

First of all, you need to ask yourself the question ‘Do I want to know the gender of the baby?’. If this is the case, you can go to the hospital or get a DNA gender test. You can do this from 7 weeks of pregnancy with the most accurate baby gender tests. You can choose how and when you will do it yourself. Make sure to take the test properly for an accurate result.

Legal paternity test

There are situations in which a mother and a child can have paternity established. This is the case, for example, when the man who is the biological father of the child refuses to acknowledge the child. This is also called a judicial establishment of paternity. In fact, establishing paternity is a last resort to establish a family law link between the biological father of the child and the child. If something similar is the case in your situation, it is recommended to do a test. Simply search for ‘legal dna testing near me’ for the best results. This can be done while pregnant, or after that. The mother can do this until five years after pregnancy, or by the child at any time. If the child is still a minor, he or she has to be represented by a special curator.


When you decide to carry the pregnancy to term and raise your child, it can be difficult to make financial ends meet. How do you combine your finances with parenting, study and work? How will you earn an income? Do you have enough money for the rent, food and things for the baby? Are you entitled to child benefit or childcare allowance and how do you apply for it? The responsibility of taking care of yourself and your baby financially may scare you. It is quite logical that you will need help with this. So be sure to ask for that help. You are not alone and you want to do everything possible to ensure a bright future for your baby.

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