Reasons To Check Fake Urine Reviews

The worst truth that could happen is to get into a position where you have an upcoming drug test, and you have to pass. It is simple to pass if you don’t consume anything, but in case that you puffed a few clouds of smoke or joints, then you should be worried.

Most people think that beating urine test is a piece of cake, you have to come with fake urine for a drug test and change the bottles. However, since the laws changed and technology advanced, labs can determine whether you cheated or not. Therefore, it important to stay hidden and to do everything without anyone noticing.

Passing a drug test could be a challenge especially if you enjoy smoking weed. It can mean a difference between finding a new job or getting fired as a result of failing a drug test. But it is essential to start from the very beginning, and we are going to do so.

What Drug Tests Will Look For

Most people will try to cover their sample with some household products such as artificial pee. However, that is a challenging process, and if you fail, you will wind up on the street. You have to consider certain factors before you decide to make a spoof:

  • pH Levels – The pH levels of urine can vary between 5 and 8. Seven is the average level, and you should have in mind this particular factor while deciding to buy synthetic urine. If you choose the urine without enough pH, lab technicians will notice it, and you will get in trouble. Click here to see which factors affect urine’s pH levels.
  • Color – If you present a urine sample which is too bright, lab technicians will suspect that you have watered it down, which is one of the most common ways to mask the number of metabolites inside. However, because it is a common thing, they will most likely reject it because you tampered with it, or you wanted to dilute it to reduce the number of substances. This can happen if you drink too much water before the test, so we recommend you to take a vitamin B complex which will make your urine more yellow, and lab technicians won’t notice a difference.
  • Creatinine – Creatinine is something that we can find in our urine as a byproduct of kidney work. The amount of creatinine is measured in the sample, and they will also compare it with a typical value to see whether you did something about it. Anything outside the relevant value will make you fail the test. By watering down urine, you will be able to reduce the amount of creatinine that you have in your sample. We recommend you to eat red meat before the test so that you can increase the amount of creatinine in your urine. Visit this website: to get more information on creatinine.

Phase 1 – Preparation Time

First, we have to assume that you have at least two weeks of preparation time. Even though you will have plenty of time, it will be much more difficult to pass the test with less time than this. The best method for passing weed test is a combination of three crucial elements:

  1. Drink lots of water
  2. Perform intense exercise
  3. Go to sauna

There are people out there who will tell you that this particular method won’t work, but that is not true, and we will explain to you why. This is self-evident, but you have to stop consuming cannabis as soon as you decide to start flushing it out.

This is the most challenging thing in this particular detox perspective, but if you want to make sure that new THC doesn’t enter your system, then you should do it. At the same time, you should join a local sports center so that you can have access to other sauna and training equipment.

The first part of the process will take place for a week and a half, and you will have to perform short and hard exercises that will boost lots of sweat. The idea is to burn as much fat as you can. Since THC will accumulate in fat cells, you will have to release as much of them as possible.

The best thing that you can do is to run at least 1.5 miles everyday within 18 minutes. After the run, you should rest for 15 minutes and go to the sauna. On the other hand, you can do it on the treadmill and choose the sauna right afterward, which is a significant consideration.

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