Dry skin certainly interferes with appearance and self-confidence. Well, there are various ways to treat dry skin that you can try. Thus, you can achieve healthy and soft-looking skin.

Dry skin is characterized by a skin surface that is rough, cracked, and easily peeled off. This condition can be caused by various things, such as exposure to sunlight, the habit of taking too long a shower, to the use of skin care products that are not quite right.

Regardless of the cause, there are some tips for treating dry skin that you can try, namely:

1 Avoid bathing with water that is too hot

Warm baths are known to provide various benefits to the body. However, warm water can also remove natural oils that function to moisturize the skin.
Therefore, limit warm baths to about 5-10 minutes. After finishing bathing, dry your body using a soft towel by patting it …

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