How Effective Are Blackheads Vacuum?

The appearance of blackheads on some parts of the face can be a problem that interferes with appearance. However, you can try to get rid of it with a blackheads vacuum or also known as vacuum blackheads.

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Blackheads vacuum is a kind of small vacuum used to remove blackheads, oil, and dead skin cells that clog facial pores. These straws are at a moderate level so they tend not to hurt your skin care.

Several types of blackheads vacuum is sold freely with relatively affordable prices. However, there are also versions of more sophisticated tools and are used by dermatologists and beauty clinics.

Are blackheads vacuum effective?

Blackheads vacuum is chosen by women because of its simple use. All you have to do is turn on the device, attach the suction hole in the blackhead’s skin, then move it to the entire face or the part that you want to remove the comedy.

According to beauty experts from the University of Utah, United States, blackheads vacuuming tools are proven capable of removing blackheads that clog pores. However, the success rate of this tool on your skin will depend on several things, such as:

• Previous treatment

Before using a blackhead vacuum, you must clean your face first. After that, do the pore opening procedure, for example using hot steam or applying beauty products that contain salicylic acid or glycolic acid.

• Types of tools used

Make sure the tool you use has enough suction to remove blackheads from the pores. Suction power that is too weak will not suck up blackheads, while suction tools that are too strong can hurt your skin.

• Mastery of tools

Even though many blackheads are sold freely, you are still advised to do blackheads at a trusted beauty clinic or dermatologist. In addition to the tools used there are usually better, they also have skills in mastering this tool.

Even though this blackheads vacuum is effective, the effects it usually produces do not last long. In other words, your blackheads can come again if the suction is not followed by good skin care.

The risk of using a blackhead vacuum

The selection and mastery of a good tool and perform pore opening procedures, are important factors so that you do not experience side effects from the use of this blackheads vacuum. If you feel the tool is ineffective, then raise the level of suction, the facial skin will feel pain.

In severe cases, you can experience telangiectasis, which is the rupture of blood vessels in the face. If you have this, you should see a doctor to cure the problem, one of them with laser therapy.

Another way to clean blackheads

Similar to using a pore strip, using a vacuum blackhead risk causing skin damage, such as wounds. Therefore, you can make various alternatives to get rid of blackheads that are safer, for example:

  • Using a face cream that contains salicylic acid which functions to destroy dead skin cells and remove oil that clogs pores.
  • Exfoliate with products containing hydroxy acids (BHA), for example glycolic acid.
  • Use face creams that contain retinoids.
  • Use face masks, especially those containing active charcoal.
  • Extracting blackheads at a trusted dermatologist or beauty clinic.

When blackheads are gone, make sure you always keep your face clean by regularly washing your face with facial cleansing soap, especially before going to bed. If you feel you have a skin problem due to excessive use of blackheads, consult a competent dermatologist.

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