CBD Gummies To Buy In The UK For 2022

CBD has taken the world by storm and with its many claimed health benefits, it’s easy to see why! CBD comes from the cannabis plant, and unlike THC, it isn’t psychoactive. This fantastic compound is said to be great for things like pain relief and even anxiety symptoms. The ongoing studies have shown that CBD could potentially help improve your overall wellbeing and health, which is why it’s so understandable that more and more people are interested in it. CBD comes in many different forms too. There are oils, topical creams, and CBD gummies to name just a few. Gummies are one of the easiest (and tastiest) ways to get your daily dose of CBD as they come in a range of delicious flavors, masking the earthy taste of the compound. So, if you’re interested in trying these out for yourself, keep reading and discover where you can buy CBD gummies in the UK.

Love Hemp

Even if you’re not a CBD connoisseur, you’ll probably have heard of Love Hemp. Available online and on the high street, Love Hemp is one of the most popular CBD brands in the UK. Their CBD gummies are free from artificial sweeteners which is great if you’re actively trying to avoid them. Their gummies also start on the lower end of the spectrum too at only 5mg per gummy. This means if you’re new to taking CBD, this lower dose could be perfect for you, allowing you to ease into it without taking too much before you’re ready. If you do want something stronger, their gummies do increase in strength so you can work your way up slowly. Their gummies are also vegan and gluten-free, making them suitable for pretty much everybody!

Blessed CBD

Blessed CBD is one of the highest-rated CBD suppliers due to its top-notch quality products. They provide a third-party lab report so you can see for yourself what exactly has gone into the gummies, ensuring you’re only getting the best CBD for your body with no added nasty bits. Their natural ingredients can all be confirmed against this report too, so you can rest assured that their products are what they say they are. Blesses CBD sources most of its hemp from the state of Colorado in the USA where cannabis is legal and regulated and they only use the organic kind. Knowing that your gummies are completely organic and only use the finest ingredients makes Blessed CBD one of the best places to buy them from in 2022.      


ZenBears are another great example of a CBD company that really puts the effort into making its products the best they can be. Only using non-GMO hemp and natural ingredients, ZenBears source everything from Europe and then process them in British factories. Using the CO2 extraction process, which is a gentle way to curate CBD, ZenBears offer all vegan and vegetarian gummies so no matter your dietary requirements, you can still enjoy their products. Each gummy comes in a pack of 100, making it total up at 500mg a bottle. So, if you’re wanting a fairly strong dose, you’d only need to take a couple of them to feel the effects.

Vibes CBD

Vibes CBD is still quite a new brand when it comes to CBD, but they’re definitely one to watch! With their gummies being vegan, organic, gluten-free, and non-GMO, their products are suitable for all. Like Blessed CBD, Vibes CBD also provides third-party lab reports so you can see every single thing that has gone into their products. This level of transparency proves how dedicated they are as a brand to providing their customers with amazing CBD gummies. 


If you’re a CBD veteran and need something a little stronger, then CBDistillery could have the gummies for you. Typically, CBD gummies are between 5mg and 10mg each, but this brand starts theirs off at 30mg per gummy. This means you should really only need to take one to feel the benefits. It could also save you money in the long run too. For instance, if you’re buying a pack of 5mg gummies and taking 6 of them to take a dose of 30mg, you’ll get through the pack a lot quicker. Whereas, if you were to buy your gummies from CBDistillery and only took one 30mg gummy a day, you won’t need to replenish your stock so soon. They’re also Leaping Bunny certified which means no animal testing was carried out in the making of the product. So, if you want something a little stronger than also doesn’t harm any animals, then why not give CBDistillery a go?

As CBD becomes more popular, more brands are now emerging and offering better and better products. No matter if you’re a CBD novice or expert, there will be a brand out there that can cater to your needs. CBD gummies are a fantastic and easy way to take CBD, especially if you don’t particularly enjoy its natural flavor. It’s quite a strong taste and it can take some getting used to. But with sweet flavored gummies, you can avoid that altogether and just enjoy taking your daily dose. If you’re thinking of taking CBD gummies, be sure to check out some of these amazing UK brands!   


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