Who Can Benefit From Medical Marijuana?

Medical marijuana has faced a long and arduous journey to become respected within the medical community. Thankfully, it is finally being appreciated for its many important medicinal uses. What may be a controversial substance in the minds of some people is an absolute lifesaver for people who are suffering from a variety of physical, mental, and emotional disorders. As with any pharmaceutical, it can be abused. However, when it is used under the proper care of an attentive physician, it can benefit many people. 

People With Chronic Pain

One major use of medicinal marijuana is in the treatment of chronic pain. A lesser-known biological system in your body is the endocannabinoid system. This system is triggered naturally by exercise, releasing the endorphins commonly associated with the runner’s high. 

When someone experiences chronic pain that doesn’t respond to other treatments, the THC in medical marijuana activates the endocannabinoid system, which then triggers the brain’s reward system and reduces pain. For someone who suffers from chronic pain, any relief is truly a godsend. 

People With Anxiety

THC is a powerful anti-anxiety medication when used at lower levels. Anxiety can be debilitating, leading to intense feelings of worry, nervousness, fear, and tension. It can also cause sleep problems, difficulty concentrating, dizziness, and digestive issues. Everyone experiences anxiety from time to time, but when it becomes pervasive, a person’s quality of life is significantly reduced. 

Unfortunately, the worldwide pandemic has uncovered a host of ills, including increased rates of anxiety. In fact, anxiety and depression are common symptoms of long COVID. If you have tried everything and still can’t get your anxiety under control, ask your doctor about medical marijuana. 

People With Certain Neurological Disorders

More research is constantly being done, but early data suggests that medical marijuana can be beneficial for people with certain neurological disorders. Evidence is particularly compelling for the treatment of multiple sclerosis. Several recent studies suggest that a combo medication of THC and CBD, taken orally, can improve both spasticity and pain. It also might help suppress seizures in epilepsy patients. Furthermore, growing evidence suggests that cannabis might ease symptoms for people with Parkinson’s disease, although the jury is still out on that. 

Any medicine can be abused and harmed or used correctly and do a great deal of good. Medicinal Marijuana is no different. When used with a prescription and under the care of a certified physician, medicinal marijuana can benefit many people who can’t find relief in any other way. 

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